Update #7 - Friday 17th May @ 13:52 AEST

Well, just got an assurance (ie they may have just said this to us here to pacify us) from the NBN that the rollout of the new Internet will be finished by the 24th May @ 00:00 AEST.

So, to allow for delays in the NBN and recurrent problems as has been associated with the NBN (The NBN does NOT have a good name for themselves here) the team here at radio WOXS will relaunch the station on Saturday 1st June.

Please see the following table for the conversion to CST (USA/Canada) & GMT (U.K. & Europe).

Time of Relaunch: Saturday 1st June 00:00 AEST
Central Standard Time (U.S.A): Friday 31st May 09:00
Greenwich Mean Time (U.K): Friday 31st May 15:00

Thank you for your patience...


Graham Scoble
radio WOXS V2.0